Software Factories

Through my membership on the Microsoft Architect Advisory Board, I’ve had the privilege to discuss/debate architecture with Jack Greenfield a bit. Jack and Keith Short are publishing a book soon on their vision of software development industrialization through a paradigm shift called software factories.

Both Jack and Keith are architects in the Enterprise Tools group within Visual Studio. You’re familiar with their handiwork if you’ve heard of or are exercising early access bits for “Whitehorse” or “Burton” within “Whidbey” (i.e. Visual Studio 2005 and the recently announced Team System, for which Chris Sells gave a nice post, Michael Platt added his voice, TheServerSide.NET recorded two videos: [1][2], and Neno Loje setup an excellent

Together Keith and Jack have significant experience in building a suitable container (IDE) for software factories. I look forward to the final release of their book, Software Factories: Assembling Applications with Patterns, Models, Frameworks, and Tools, and the official launch of their associated web site. The future is here today!

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