‘Bout time to reply again

I’ve been busy at work again after taking a great vacation with my family to San Diego (Mission Beach area). So, I now have 54 items in the Reply follow up category within my RSS Bandit reader. (I tend to use this category for posts related to blogging, RSS, syndication, etc.) Let’s see how far I can reduce this collection before my son wakes up from his nap.

A fair amount of what I’ve flagged represents what I’ll call interesting perspective:

I really need to get my RSS feed up and running. Just as soon as I do, I’ll be regularly pinging weblogs.com so that folks can discover me more easily and I can gain the benefit of that discovery (e.g. other viewpoints, similar interests, related sidebars, etc.). Oh that’s right, Dave Winer is transitioning this service away. Perhaps once the transition to buzzword.com is complete, a similar service will be available there. This news causes me to seriously consider where my content continues to live and to also consider costs-benefits with a particular choice.

By the way, I only whittled off 14 items before the wake-up siren sounded. Guess I’ll knock off the rest later.