Sharp refactoring

If you use Visual Studio 2003 to develop your C# projects, then you should consider JetBrains’ ReSharper refactoring add-in. Currently this tool is available in Early Access Program form here. The current build is 83 (M2 was 81) and includes support for the following refactorings: Rename, Move Type, Change Signature, Introduce Variable and Extract Method. ReSharper takes a different approach to refactoring than does such support in Visual Studio 2005 (currently available in Community Technology Preview May-2004 form).

7/22/2004 update:

  • Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 has been available since the beginning of July 2004.
  • This article has been published detailing refactoring support in Visual Studio 2005. Its author, Andrew Troelsen, has written several excellent books on .NET for Apress.
  • Juval Lowry also wrote an earlier article on C# 2.0 refactoring, which is to say how Visual Studio 2005 will support refactoring of C# code.
  • TheServerSide.NET ran a series of articles on refactoring support in Whidbey, too.
  • The ReSharper 1.0 released yesterday–sixteen days past due, but worth the wait. The final release build was 101. (RC1 was build 94; RC2 was build 96; RC3 was build 98.)