RE: You need EMC Documentum

Harry Pierson took my bait and asked me via email: Tell me more about why I need it [EMC Documentum‘s content management system]. I’d love the opportunity. I’m a software architect and developer by trade, as is Harry, not a marketing professional. So the elegant answer (i.e. reuse the valuable work of corporate marketing) is to point you here. In one page, the concerns you raised in your content repurposing hell post are addressed. These include:

  • Make content available in as many different channels as possible while avoiding expensive and time-consuming manual processes.
  • Publish to a new channel in a scalable manner (i.e. avoid having to create a new manual process for each repurposing effort).
  • Address proprietary data formats, including graphics formats.
  • Work across client environments (e.g. Windows and Mac).
  • Offer developers and information architects a rich configuration and customization environment.
  • Enable migration of manual processes into the automated system.

EMC Documentum also supports automated transcoding of media into a variety of web-ready formats and bit rates. It automatically delivers the resulting files to streaming servers, content distribution networks, or editing systems, for applications such as repurposing audio/video content for the Web (RealVideo, QuickTime, Windows Media, MP3, and WAV) and for wireless devices.

And EMC uses Documentum to accomplish just this sort of workflow and production every day. We successfully use our own product to produce and maintain our online presence, technical publications, educational training materials and marketing collateral.

  • The analogy to enterprise software is obvious: Explicitly design your process for automation and extensibility. It won’t happen any other way.

I completely agree with this statement. As a Software Architect, EMC Documentum Content Management Offerings, this is one of my primary responsibilities: ensure that EMC Documentum offers a robust platform, for other EMC divisions, Documentum business units, Documentum partners and EMC Documentum customers to leverage and build upon. I derive immense satisfaction, for example, whenever a customer shows me how they’™ve taken EMC Documentum out-of-the-box and made it do things in production I never dreamed of during design/development. The only way to ensure these validating surprises is to build-in their potential. It’s not something that just happens; it’s planned.

From our repository tier through our content services and business logic tier up to our application infrastructure and presentation tier, EMC Documentum provides a vast array of functionality out of the box. At the same time we provide prescriptive guidance on where and how to configure (declare) and/or customize (program) our behavior and UI to meet the specific needs of your enterprise (e.g. Microsoft’s MSDN property/brand).

Thanks for your interest.