Pre-meeting introductions

During this week I had business in Redmond. Due to focusing on my conversation with a coworker while driving instead of paying attention to the road, I missed the 520 exit off the 405–I mean REALLY MISSED it. (That’s funny…there are a lot more trees than I recall from previous trips…never seen that strip mall over there, either…!) Cell phone rings, it’s Microsoft. Where am I? <I answer> Oh! Man, you need to double-back to get to us. When is the meeting? When you get here. Great! So, I high tail it back towards the 520. As I’m rounding a bend on the 405, I spot a patrolman on the shoulder, dismounted from his motorcycle pointing, that’s right…a radar gun. I brake. Doesn’t matter. He signals me to join him on the shoulder. My coworker is chuckling. As my guests would later record, I received a pre-meeting introduction by the Washington State Police in the form of a traffic violation for going 76 in 60. The officer was polite and even brought down my fine slightly since I was out of state. (Hmm, how does traffic school work for out of state citations?) While I’m not making any excuses–and before braking I was probably going faster than 76 due to missing the exit–it’s interesting to note that on my way back home from the airport (both in California), I noticed that I wasn’t even keeping up with traffic while driving 76. (Our local freeways top out at 65, too.) Oh yeah, the final action item for me from the meeting is pay the fine. At least it was a sunny, pleasant day in Redmond.