Politics matter

This past week on FOX News, political strategist Dick Morris had this to say about President Bush in the context of making a compelling case for the war in Iraq: “if he’s doing it militarily and substantively but not politically, he’s not doing his job.” That is, politics (selling a position, view, belief, vision) matter! Even if you believe that you are right, you have to convince those who put you in your position–we the people in the President’s case. Results obviously help, but they’re not enough. Left standing alone, results are still open to individual interpretation, and the consensus judgment may not be expected or desired. Your rationale, your evidence or proof…all of this must be presented to your constituents in a convincing manner. Decisions will be made regardless of your influence and involvement in their formation and execution. Of course, politics aren’t just for elected officials, they’re ever-present in the workplace, in the places we live, worship, etc. The word politics may be maligned but it’s important nonetheless.