Virtual water cooler

Here are some interesting comments I’ve read in the past couple of months in technical trade magazines:

  • Some users hate choice and flexibility, and by giving it to them, you are simply increasing the amount of mistakes they will make and the IT time and resources they will consume. -eWeek
  • If given a choice, our end users will always choose ease of use over better security. -VeriSign chairman & CEO
  • Ease of Use Equals Use -Software Development
  • In the world of Google, blogs, e-mail and IM, identity is the collection of places you go. Opportunity flag: Currently, managing these identity trails is a difficult, often-ignored task. -eWeek (both)
  • RSS is well-suited to replace e-mail in workgroups whose members must communicate frequently. -Brian Livingston
  • The key to a successful development project is to manage your own expectations. -Chad Dickerson
  • We all lose more brilliant ideas than we express. Our minds are too busy coping with constant sensory bombardment. -Tom Yager
  • Quite simply, the Google philosophy can be expressed in five general principles: Work on things that matter, affect everyone in the world, solve problems with algorithms if possible [i.e. automate what you can], hire bright people and give them lots of freedom, and don’t be afraid to try new things. As a general practice, Google also requires that its engineers spend 20 percent of their time working on personal technology projects unrelated to their primary projects. -InfoWorld
  • Visualization, annotation and socialization are becoming must-have features in applications. If they’re missing from yours, you could be producing a non-starter. -Collaboration’ new age
  • FC81: It’s a blog world after all, If it’ urgent, ignore it and Things leaders do