Following up on my flagged items – Part 5

(Part 4, Part 3, Part 2, Part 1)

Potential issues/challenges/opportunities to be aware in developing a managed add-in for Office:

From the aggregator mailbag:

  • Chris Anderson finds that MVC often leads to over-architected applications.
  • Hopefully we’ll see continued enhancement to Adam Natha’s CLR SPY tool. As someone who already relies on FxCop‘s static analysis, I’m interested in CLR SPY’s dynamic analysis support. Speaking of revisions to software, FxCop is due for one.
  • Dare posts his RSS Bandit TODO list.
  • Jason Bock’s reusable .NET Error Dialog received some discussion.
  • Chris Pratley talks about the Watson approach to software quality (i.e. let’s measure it). More importantly, Microsoft offers Watson data freely for anyone writing applications on Windows. Chris continues to explore the following counter-intuitive concept, here: The goal is to ship a product with the highest known quality, not necessarily with fewer bugs.
  • John Lam reminds us that code coverage tells us only about faults of commission, not faults of omission. He’s also been having fun with the Shadows & Highlights feature in Photoshop CS.