Winnowing content

Those who know me, know that I have an unusual reading style when it comes to magazines. While I love to read, I read enough that I can’t stand to waste time on irrelevant or lesser content. So, I’e developed a two-pass system to winnow pertinent articles from those I don’™t care about.

  1. Start at the front and work to the back, removing anything that isn’t interesting. This either results in a pared down magazine with holes (if there is more content of interest than not) or a loose stack of articles to read (if there is more chaff than wheat).
  2. Read in-depth what remains. Sometimes this leads to a third pass that is similar to the first one. What remains is worth the shelf or binder space it consumes. The rest goes to the circular file post haste.

Of course, what matters lessens over time. Interests change, viewpoints expressed are debunked or internalized, technology marches on, etc. Maybe some day I’ll let go of my hardcopy altogether and go 100% digital. That, however, is worth a separate post altogether–print vs. screen.