My RSS Bandit wish list

I’ve been using RSS Bandit exclusively for my news/blog aggregation and am really happy with it for the most part. However, I’m using version, and I have a few suggestions on current and future functionality as follows:

Remember and reinstate previous UI configurations, for example:

  • Window size/position
  • Main view
  • Width of lefthand pane
  • Vertical division of righthand pane
  • Sort-by column (e.g. Date)

New features:

  • Menu item: Expand all feeds
  • Menu item: Expand all feeds in a particular category (or current selection)
  • Synchronize feeds/flags/etc. among multiple client instances (e.g. work, home, laptop) – NewsGator 2.0 provides synchronization functionality

Perhaps I can find some time to help develop these changes, too–you know be part of the solution and not just state issues (for me).

Update (2/6/2004):
addresses all of my UI configuration persistence concerns above.