Appreciating others’ lessons learned

Recently a couple of sites I visit were hacked or otherwise manipulated by unwanted software; so I figured it was about time to learn from their experiences and fortify my own computing environment a bit.

Running a firewall is no longer enough these days apparently. However, one does provide a sound foundation for personal protection online and I can certainly recommend Zone Alarm Pro for those looking for a good, software-based firewall solution. On the spyware battle front, I can recommend both Ad-aware and SpywareBlaster, thanks to Robert Scoble‘s recent post. The first application is clean-up focused, while the second application is prevention focused. Both applications found items for me to clean-up and protect going forward; so a big thank you to Mr. Scoble, indeed. (I’m only running the free version of Ad-aware; so, it would be good to learn if the Plus or Professional versions are worth the upgrade cost.) Finally, if you’re running a wireless network; please do yourself a big favor and secure it immediately. Although current wireless security standards are less than ideal, they do exist (e.g. 128-bit WEP, Mac address-based ACL, etc.) and should be deployed. And, of course, don’t forget to run virus protection software and keep it up-to-date. FWIW, I use McAfee VirusScan Enterprise.