Mike Myers regarding his parents

On occasion, I enjoy watching James Lipton interview actors on his show, Inside the Actors Studio. He has a way of allowing you to get to know various celebrities in a way you might not imagine if only given their on-screen personas. Just now, a repeat of his 2001 interview with comedian Mike Myers (e.g. Shrek) was on TV, and in the course of talking about his parents, Mr. Myers has the following to say:

  • About his dad: “He taught me to have no inhibitions and that has allowed me to be the architect of my own embarrassment. … His treatise on life would have been “In Praise of Silly.” (His dad would have said that) Silly is a state of grace. Silly is yourself in a natural state. Serious is something you do until you can be silly again.”
  • About his mom: “Her praise is in no way a devalued currency.”